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President Erdogan seeks more power in Turkey.

Erdogan’s Test: Turkey Votes on Reforms

Support for President Erdogan put to the test. Turkish citizens are turning out to vote on an 18 article constitutional reform bill that would give sweeping new powers to their President. The move comes after an attempted coup de’tat last year over the subject in

Mexico Officials Arrest CJNP Lieutenant

Alleged Jalisco Cartel Lieutenant Arrested

Mexican Authorities Catch a Break? According to a report by ABC News, authorities in Mexico may have just made a dent (albeit a small one) in the countries ongoing drug problem. Federal prosecutors in Mexico claim they have apprehended a high-ranking operator of the Jalisco New

Protests continue in Serbia post-election.

Protests Continue in Serbia

Protesters fight Presidential outcome. For the seventh day in a row, thousands of people protested against the victory of Serbia’s Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic. This comes amid fresh allegations by the opposition of a rigged vote count. The groups have alleged irregularities including muzzling of the

ISIS call President Trump a foolish idiot.

ISIS Calls President Trump a “Foolish Idiot”

ISIS release an audio message denouncing the United States and President Trump. Terrorist organization group ISIS lashed out at the United States and President Donald Trump in a new audio message. The group refers to the President as a “foolish idiot.” ISIS spokesman Abu Hasan al-Muhajir

White House Issues Warning to North Korea

White House: Time Is Up North Korea

The White House has issued a warning to North Korea. A senior White House official has issued a dire warning, through reporters, to North Korea on Tuesday. “The clock has now run out, and all options are on the table,” the official said. Earlier, two

El Norte newspaper closes its doors after journalist is killed.

Mexican Newspaper Closes After Death of Journalist

Oscar Cantú Murguía, owner of Norte newspaper, announced Sunday that the paper was closing its doors. Over 27 years Norte has faced multiple attacks and punishment for its reporting activities but recently the violence has peaked. Miroslava Breach, journalist for La Jornada and Norte collaborator,