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China Releases U.S. Student

China Releases U.S. Student

The young man was released Monday following a week long detention over taxi dispute. Guthrie McLean was detained for allegedly injuring a taxi driver who was roughing up his mother during a fare dispute. McLean, a student at the University of Montana, was released from

Manhunt Underway in Swiss Chainsaw Attack

Manhunt Underway in Schaffhausen Attack

On Monday, a man attacked people in a office with a chainsaw. Armed with a chainsaw, a lone attacker has wounded five people at a health insurer’s office in the Swiss city of Schaffhausen. Police suspect the man is Franz Wrousis. Wrousis has two previous

Polish President Vetoes Judicial Reform Bill

Polish President Vetoes Judicial Reform Bill

The controversial bill triggered massive protests. On Monday, Polish President Andrzej Duda announced his unexpected decision to veto a bill touted by his own party. The bill was part of a larger pack of judicial reforms that would have given his populist government the power to

Ram Nath Kovind is India's Next President

India’s Next President Is Ram Nath Kovind

Ram Nath Kovind becomes the 14th President of India. The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) nominee received the votes of 522 Members of Parliament. His opposition candidate, Meira Kumar, gained the votes of 225 MPs. Counting is still underway but the large margin makes a declaration

Germany Issues Travel Warning to Citizens about Turkey

Germany Issues Warning to Citizens Traveling to Turkey

The warning comes as another German citizen is being held on terrorism charges. On Thursday, Germany’s foreign minister announced a significant “reorientation” of its policy towards Turkey. “We need our policies towards Turkey to go in a new direction … we can’t continue as we

Ehud Olmert released from prison.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Released From Prison

Ehud Olmert was released Sunday after serving 16 months for corruption charges. The former Prime Minister was originally sentenced to 27 months, but was released early after serving about two-thirds of his sentence. Olmert was imprisoned for taking money from an American businessman in addition

Alexei Navalny Barred from Russian election.

Alexei Navalny Barred From Russian Presidential Poll

The opposition leader has been formally banned by the Central Election Commission. The Central Electoral Commission based their ruling on the fact that Navalny was found guilty of embezzlement and given a suspended sentence. Navalny decried the decision and stated that according to the constitution,

Former Panama President Arrested for Espionage

Former President of Panama Arrested

Ex-President Martinelli has been arrested in Florida on spying allegations. Panama’s exiled former president was arrested in Florida late Monday after being accused of political espionage by his successor in the Central American nation. Late Monday, Ricardo Martinelli was detained near his home in Coral

Iraqi Kurds To Vote On Independence

On September 25th, the people will speak. The announcement came on Wednesday via the twitter account of Masoud Barzani, president of the Iraqi Kurdish regional government. The referendum on whether to secede from Iraq will be held in the three provinces that make up the