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Steve Bannon removed from White House Adviser position.

Steve Bannon Removed From Advisory Position

Steve Bannon, controversial counselor to the President, has been removed from his role on the National Security Council. Bannon was appointed to the position back in January after President Trump signed an executive memorandum. At the time, many experts called the move an “unprecedented” while the appointment left

White House Issues Warning to North Korea

White House: Time Is Up North Korea

The White House has issued a warning to North Korea. A senior White House official has issued a dire warning, through reporters, to North Korea on Tuesday. “The clock has now run out, and all options are on the table,” the official said. Earlier, two

White House: Aide Did Not Violate Ethics Laws

The White House disputes allegations that a tweet by Trump aide violates federal law against government employees engaging in political activity. Political Swing previously reported on the initial exchange. It all began with a tweet from Dan Scavino Jr.. In the tweet, the Trump aide

Donald Trump Claims U.S. Can Handle North Korea Alone

President Trump: We Are Prepared to Deal With North Korea Alone

President Trump claims the United States is prepared to act alone against North Korea’s nuclear program. In an interview with the Financial Times, that comes days before hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping in Florida, the President is signaling his willingness to act without China. Trump

Donald Trump demands NBC drop Russia story.

President Trump Calls for NBC to Stop Covering Russia story.

On Saturday, President Trump called for NBC News to stop covering alleged ties to Russia. He instead wants them focus on his (thus far unfounded claims) that former President Obama had him under surveillance during the 2016 election. In a tweet posted early Saturday morning,