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Hope Hicks name White House Communications Director

Hope Hicks Named White House Communications Director

Hope Hicks was named interim White House communications director in August after the departure of Sean Spicer and Anthony Scaramucci. Hicks was one of the first staffers to join Trump’s campaign. Her association with Trump began while she was working for Hiltzik Strategies, a New

Steve Bannon fired.

Steve Bannon Fired

The controversial tenure of Steve Bannon has come to an end. According to CNN, Bannon was given the option to resign but was forced out. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed Bannon’s departure on Friday in a statement. “White House Chief of Staff

Sam Brownback Nominated as Religious Ambassador

Governor Sam Brownback Nominated for Religious Ambassador

The White House made the announcement on Wednesday. Sam Brownback, governor of Kansas, will be nominated to serve as ambassador at large for international religious freedom, the White House said in a statement on Wednesday. After the announcement, Brownback took to Twitter to convey his

Jobless Claims Rise Modestly

U.S. Jobless Claims Rise Modestly

Despite a previous three month low, jobless rate have risen according to Labor Department. The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits has rebounded from a three-month low last week,. However, the numbers remain below a level consistent with a tightening labor market. On Thursday,

Justice Department Moves to Remove LGBTQ Workplace Protections

Justice Department Moves to Remove LGBTQ Workplace Protections

The Trump Administration continues to target the LGBTQ community. On the same day that President Trump tweeted his decision to ban transgender people from serving in the military, the DOJ submitted an amicus brief opposing the extension of Title VII discrimination protections on the basis

Trump Announces Transgender Ban

President Announces Transgender Military Ban

President Trump took to Twitter early Wednesday to announce reinstating a ban against transgender people serving in military. The ban will forbid transgender people from serving “in any capacity” in the military. Trump had this to say, via Twitter. “After consultation with my Generals and

Sean Spicer Resigns

Sean Spicer Resigns As White House Press Secretary

The announcement comes as Anthony Scaramucci accepts White House Communications Director position. Early Friday morning, Sean Spicer resigned as Presient Trump’s Press Secretary. Despite the President’s attempts to convince him to stay, for reason’s unclear, Spicer has declined. Since the resignation of Mike Dubke in June

Trump Ends CIA Program Aiding Syrian Rebels

Trump Ends CIA Program Supporting Syrian Rebels

Efficiency, diplomacy, or falling in line Russia? President Trump has decided to end a program run by the CIA which armed and trained moderate Syrian rebels. The program has been a source of contention with Russia, who saw it as a threat to their interests.

Donald Trump Jr Miserable

Donald Trump Jr. Reportedly “Miserable”

Apparently, life at the top is not as fun as imagined. While the President, despite setbacks, seems to still be bathing in the afterglow of his victory, not everyone in the Trump family is happy. Donald Trump Jr., oldest son of the President, seems to