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Rep. Al Green Calls for Trump Impeachment

The Texas Democrat made the call on the House floor on Wednesday. “I rise today with a sense of responsibility and duty to the people who have elected me, a sense of duty to this country, a sense of duty to the Constitution of the

Mark Green Withdraws From Army Secretary Nomination

Trump’s Army Secretary Nominee Withdraws Name

For the second time in three months, Trump loses Army Secretary nominee. The White House confirmed the story late Friday afternoon. Mark Green, who was nominated in April, stepped aside after a firestorm of criticism. Green was accused of making bigoted statements and supporting anti-LGBT

Healthcare Bill Vote Scheduled

Could this be the win that Trump and GOP need? GOP claims they have the votes to make the passage of their healthcare bill a reality. Should Speaker Paul Ryan manage to finally vote on and pass GOP health bill on Thursday, it will be

Government Funding Deal Reached, Goes to Vote

The deal would fund the federal government through September. Bipartisan congressional negotiators reached an agreement late Sunday on a massive spending bill. If approved by the House and Senate the government would be funded through the end of September. According to officials, the plan would

House passes temporary funding measure to avoid shutdown.

Congress Avoids Shutdown…For Now

Crisis averted, for now. Congress has approved a short-term measure to keep the government funded for another week. This will allow lawmakers more time to reach a deal on a larger spending package. The measure now heads to the president’s desk for his signature. The

NSA ends email collection program.

NSA Ends Email Collection Program

A win for privacy advocates, NSA ditches controversial program. The NSA will cease collecting communications that merely mention someone considered to be a “foreign intelligence target.” The agency will now limit its collection to specific communications sent directly to or from a foreign target. “NSA will

Donald Trump want to break up the Ninth Circuit Courts.

Trump Debating Breaking Up Ninth Circuit Court?

The Ninth Circuit and President Trump. In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Trump had some stern things to say about the Ninth Circuit court. Apparently, the President is considering options to break it up. “Absolutely, I have,” Trump said. “There are many people that