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White House Receives Memo on Transgender Troops

The memo, written by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, outlines recommendations for dealing with transgender service members. The memo was received by President Trump on Friday. Mattis was given six months to develop the plan though exactly what that plan is remains unknown. As of now,

Trump Announces Transgender Ban

President Announces Transgender Military Ban

President Trump took to Twitter early Wednesday to announce reinstating a ban against transgender people serving in military. The ban will forbid transgender people from serving “in any capacity” in the military. Trump had this to say, via Twitter. “After consultation with my Generals and

AG Sessions orders review of transgender murders

AG Sessions Orders Review of Transgender Murders

Due to the alarming number of transgender murders, Session orders review. Sessions has ordered his prosecutors to review files on murders of transgender people. In a speech on Thursday, Sessions said the review is to make sure there’s not a serial killer or hate group

Texas Attempts a Bathroom Bill Aimed at Transgender Students

Texas Set To Pass Transgender Bathroom Law

Texas Seeks to Triumph Where Others Have Failed. A transgender “bathroom bill” appears to be on track to becoming law in Texas, though it may only apply to public schools. A similar (broader) proposal mandating that virtually all transgender people use public restrooms according to