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Violent Protests Continue to Rock Venezuela in Opposition to President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela Continues To Be Rocked By Protests

The President and his people. Protests have become all too common in recent weeks as opposition leaders face off with the country’s President, Nicolas Maduro. The anti-government protesters are demanding that Maduro step down. Maduro has been accused by his opposition of eroding democracy. Meanwhile, the

President Trump: Tax Protesters Are Paid

The President believes he has a paid protester problem. Early Sunday morning, the President tweeted his unhappiness with nationwide marches that took place the day before. The Tax March was held in an effort to force the President to release his tax returns. The event was organized

Protests continue in Serbia post-election.

Protests Continue in Serbia

Protesters fight Presidential outcome. For the seventh day in a row, thousands of people protested against the victory of Serbia’s Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic. This comes amid fresh allegations by the opposition of a rigged vote count. The groups have alleged irregularities including muzzling of the