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Turkey Expels 3900 Officials

Turkey Expels 3,900 Officials

Turkey has expelled 3,900 people as threats to national security. This is the second major purge since President Tayyip Erdogan was granted sweeping new powers. The expulsions, which took place Saturday, affected diverse groups.  Clerks, academics, and employees of the religious affairs directorate. Along with

Turkey Blocks the website Wikipedia

Turkey Blocks Wikipedia

Citing a “smear campaign”, Turkey has blocked the online encyclopedia. According to the Anadolu Agency, Turkey has blocked access to Wikipedia. The reason given is that the site links the nation to terror activity. Some articles and comments showed Turkey “in coordination and aligned” with

Turkey Detains Alleged Gulen Supporters

In a massive crackdown, Turkey detains 1,000 alleged Fethullah Gulen supporters. A total of 1,009 suspects have so far been detained in raids in 72 provinces across the country, according to Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu. Around 8,500 police officers were involved in the nationwide operation. Arrest

President Erdogan seeks more power in Turkey.

Erdogan’s Test: Turkey Votes on Reforms

Support for President Erdogan put to the test. Turkish citizens are turning out to vote on an 18 article constitutional reform bill that would give sweeping new powers to their President. The move comes after an attempted coup de’tat last year over the subject in