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Trump Admits there are no Comey tapes

President Trump: I Have No Tapes

After setting off forty days of speculation, President Trump says he made no tapes. It all started on May 12th when the President tweeted the following: From there, America was off to the races. The tweet was a not-so subtle attempt to threaten the ousted

Jared Kushner Finances Subject of Investigation

Jared Kushner Being Investigated By Special Counsel

As the Russia probe deepens, President Trump’s son-in-law is swept into the chaos. The finances and business dealings of Jared Kushner are being investigated as part of the larger investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. Kushner is not the only Trump associate

Michael Flynn to Plead the Fifth.

Michael Flynn to Invoke the Fifth Amendment

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn will invoke his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination. The AP is reporting that Michael Flynn will invoke the Fifth Amendment when he notifies the Senate Intelligence committee that he will not comply with a subpoena. His decision comes less than

Michael Flynn subject of House Committee investigation.

Michael Flynn Is In Trouble Again

The security adviser did not properly disclose payments from Russia and does not appear to have complied with the law. This announcement comes from House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz and ranking Democrat Elijah Cummings. The announcement was made to reporters on the Hill following a classified

K.T. McFarland Accepts Ambassadorship

National Security Council Shake-Up Contines K.T. McFarland has accepted President Trump’s offer to be U.S. Ambassador to Singapore. The move comes as H.R. McMaster, current national security adviser, continues to clean house in his new position. According to a report by CNN, McFarland will continue

Michael Flynn subject of House Committee investigation.

Senate Intelligence Commitee Rejects Flynn’s Request

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s request for immunity in exchange for his testimony has been denied. Flynn’s lawyer has been advised the request in premature and not a deal the Committee is willing to commit to. Sources add that Flynn’s offer has also been