Trump moves to expand offshore drilling.

President Trump Begins Offshore Drilling Expansion

The President has ordered his Cabinet to move forward with repealing Obama policies. Trump is hoping to expand offshore drilling into coastal areas that have long been off-limits to the industry. The announced his intentions during a speech at the Department of Energy on Thursday.

Jerome Adams nominated for Surgeon General.

Trump Nominates Dr. Jerome Adams for Surgeon General

On Thursday, Trump announced the Indiana State Health Commissioner as his pick. The anesthesiologist has served as Indiana’s State Health Commissioner for two and a half years. He was appointed by VP Mike Pence, who was then Indiana’s governor. People who have worked with Adams

Phil Montag Fired After Steve Scalise Comments

Nebraska Democrat Fired After Scalise Comments

Phil Montag was fired from his volunteer position Thursday morning. Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Party chair, fired Montag after a recording surfaced on YouTube of him saying was glad House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot and then went further by saying he with the Louisiana congressman

Alexei Navalny Barred from Russian election.

Alexei Navalny Barred From Russian Presidential Poll

The opposition leader has been formally banned by the Central Election Commission. The Central Electoral Commission based their ruling on the fact that Navalny was found guilty of embezzlement and given a suspended sentence. Navalny decried the decision and stated that according to the constitution,

Judiciary Committee Wants Answers From Loretta Lynch

Judiciary Committee Wants Answers From Loretta Lynch

The former Attorney General faces allegations of interfering in Clinton email investigation. It appears the drama surrounding the Clinton email scandal is far from over. Now, top senators on the Judiciary Committee want answers from Lynch regarding her level of involvement in derailing the investigation.

Nancy Pelosi Says She Won't Step Down As House Minority Leader

Nancy Pelosi: I’m Not Going Anywhere

Despite a rough few years for Democrats, the House Minority Leader says she’s not going anywhere. Brushing off critics from her own party, Nancy Pelosi says she plans to stay in her leadership position and claims. “I think I’m worth the trouble.” There is no

Trump Admits there are no Comey tapes

President Trump: I Have No Tapes

After setting off forty days of speculation, President Trump says he made no tapes. It all started on May 12th when the President tweeted the following: From there, America was off to the races. The tweet was a not-so subtle attempt to threaten the ousted

Supreme Court to hear Ohio voter registration policy.

Supreme Court Rules Offensive Trademarks Are Protected

Ruffle of feathers or not, it is protected. In a historic ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that laws forbidding registration of offensive trademarks is unconstitutionally. The Court rules that such laws limit free speech. The court ruled 8-0 in favor of Portland, Oregon-based Asian-American