Senator Bernie Sanders back pro-life candidate.

Senator Bernie Sanders Endorses Pro-Life Candidate

Senator Sanders has never formed to convention but his latest political move has some angry. Sen. Bernie Sanders is standing by his decision to back a Democratic candidate who is pro-life. The decision has drawn fire from the Democratic party and left his supporters confused.

Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, resigns.

Surgeon General Resigns

After assisting during the Trump transition, Vivek Murthy has resigned. The move is not a surprising or scandalous one. After three years as the United States Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy has resigned from his post. The resignation comes at the request of the White House. Murthy will

Violent Protests Continue to Rock Venezuela in Opposition to President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela Continues To Be Rocked By Protests

The President and his people. Protests have become all too common in recent weeks as opposition leaders face off with the country’s President, Nicolas Maduro. The anti-government protesters are demanding that Maduro step down. Maduro has been accused by his opposition of eroding democracy. Meanwhile, the

Nigerian President Orders Corruption Investigation.

Nigerian President Orders Corruption Investigation

President Muhammadu Buhari orders investigation into corruption allegations. The order came on Wednesday in response to allegations made against senior civil servant, David Babachir Lawal. The charges are related to the misuse of funds intended for handling a humanitarian crisis in the northeast part of

Jeff Sessions Criticizes Federal Judge.

Jeff Sessions Not Happy With Federal Judge in Hawaii

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not happy. Sessions criticized a federal judge’s ruling on the White House’s travel ban Wednesday evening. The AG implied a court based in Hawaii shouldn’t have a say in federal policy. In an interview with “The Mark Levin Show”, Sessions

Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel face off for Congressional seat.

Ossoff vs. Handel: Showdown in the Peach State

In June, District 6 voters in Georgia will pick their new representative. But who to choose? It’s an election that should have received little attention and yet somehow has become a national spectacle. Not that it isn’t an important one. Certainly it’s quite important to