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Kirstjen Nielsen defends immigration policy

DHS Secretary Defends Trump Immigration Policies

On the same day of Former First Lady Laura Bush’s op-ed, Kirstjen Nielsen fires back. In a series of tweets posted Sunday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen defended President Trump’s immigration policies. She dismissed claims that the administration has a policy for separating families. It is worth

President Trump: “I Have the Right to Pardon Myself”

President Trump made the claim in an early morning tweet. Early Monday morning, President Donald Trump echoed earlier claims that he has the right to pardon himself. However, he suggested that he won’t use that power. In a later tweet he added that the special

Congressman Introduces Legislation to Limit Trump Travel Profits

Congressman Jamie Raskin, from Maryland’s 8th district, has introduced the legislation. On Friday, Congressman Raskin introduced H.R. 503, the Heightened Oversight of Traveling, Eating and Lodging (HOTEL) Act. If passed, it would prohibit any government agency from using taxpayer money to stay or dine at

John McEntee, Personal Assistant to Trump, Fired

Fired from the White House? Yes. But not from Trump himself. On Monday the White House revealed that John McEntee, personal assistant to the President, has been fired. The reason given was “unspecified security issues”. However, to think that is the end of the tale

Rex Tillerson Out As Secretary of State

President Trump made the announcement on Tuesday. While the announcement came early Tuesday morning, reports indicate Tillerson was told Friday that Trump wanted him to step aside. Thus ends Tillerson’s tumultuous tenure as Secretary of State where he often clashed with the President. The announcement

Hope Hicks, White House Communications Director, To Resign

Hicks made the announcement Wednesday though gave no definite departure date. In her statement Hicks thanked President Trump saying, “There are no words to adequately express my gratitude to President Trump.” She then added, “I wish the president and his administration the very best as he continues

White House Receives Memo on Transgender Troops

The memo, written by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, outlines recommendations for dealing with transgender service members. The memo was received by President Trump on Friday. Mattis was given six months to develop the plan though exactly what that plan is remains unknown. As of now,

President Trump, Prime Minister Turnbull Laud Each Other

Despite a rocky start, the President and the Australian Prime Minister seem to have plenty in common. In fact, the two men seemed to genuinely enjoy each others company. PM Turnbull congratulated the President on his tax reforms saying, “Trump’s economic reforms are one of

Rick Gates, Former Trump Campaign Aide, Pleads Guilty

The former Trump campaign aide and business partner of Paul Manafort plead guilty to federal conspiracy and making false statements. In addition to pleading guilty to the charges, Gates has agreed to turn witness in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. This is part of a plea