Mueller Testimony: It Wasn’t What Anyone Wanted

Muller’s Testimony Spanned More Than Six Hours, But Left Few Answers

Well there we have it folks. The long anticipated testimony of Robert Mueller to Congress but to be honest, it was anti-climatic.

In such that the Special Prosecutor largely stuck to the facts we already knew. He tried adamantly against becoming a political pawn. He refused to answer the questions of both Democrats and Republicans as they waged their efforts to placing blame on the feet of one party. . Mueller wasn’t having it though. He spent the majority of his testimony referring to his report, not allowing his words to be misconstrued.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

What we can be sure

First, Mueller cannot and will not comment of the dossier that supposedly first directed the investigation. It would seem that even if false statements were given in lead up to the investigation, they of are no consequence. This is particularly frustrating to Republicans since they seem to harbor the belief that if the investigation was built on a lie, nothing else matter. News flash, that is not true. Even a little. Also, for the very last time, this is NOT about the Clinton emails and to most of the nation it won’t be.

Secondly, President Trump, much like Nixon, seemed to engage in a cover-up after the fact. While he probably did not engage in meddling personally, members of his campaign did. When he found out about it, instead of coming clean it was Operation Cover-Up. Sound familiar? Yeah, we have been here before folks. It was called Watergate. But apparently we have become to polarized to give a damn.

Thirdly, and this is just speculation here, but there seems to be more in the works. Robert Mueller is an honorable man and if he could speak to something, he would. So his refusal to speak must mean something. Whatever investigation(s) that might entail or enclose remains to be seen.


However, today did not seem to be about Robert Mueller. Or his investigation. Instead it seemed to be about wrongs perceived on both sides of the aisle in which they wanted to give monologues to repute facts from the other side. The amount of times Republicans brought up Hillary Clinton emails and/or the dossier is uncountable. Okay, it is actually not but that takes a lot of dedication.  Simple fact is: Republicans bundled this.

Instead of using it as an opportunity to clear “their President” (which they knew they could not do) they tried to go with “well look at what they did”. The simple matter is it doesn’t matter how the truth came to light, only that it did. Trump obstructed justice by all three legal definitions. Get over it. Or Leave (because apparently we can say that now).

Democrats chose the opportunity to hammer home the obstruction. And I get that. They are trying to wade in the waters of “impeachment”, That “I” word no one wants to use. And it is clear President Trump did, calm down Trumpers it does happen, but does it constitute impeachment and/or removal from office. Well ask yourself this, did Nixon deserve it? The situation is not different.

If your answer is yes, good for you. If your answer is no, why? Undecided? What more do you need? Honestly.


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