House Passes Resolution Condemning President Trump’s Remarks

The decision came after a heated debate on the House floor

House adopts resolution condemning Trump

President Donald Trump

Despite some bumps in the road, the House voted in favor of formally condemning a series of President Trump’s tweets. As we told you in an earlier article, Trump caused controversy this weekend by singling out four minority Congresswomen and telling them in a tweet to “go back to their country”. Even though all are U.S. citizens and three of the women are natural-born Americans.  Critics quickly called the tweets “racist, sexist and xenophobic”.

Trump did as he usually does and launched another series of self-defense tweets. He proclaimed that he didn’t have a “racist bone in his body” and stood by his words. Even with the passage of the resolution not much is likely to happen. When backed into a corner like this, Trump prefers the strategy of “look how they are unfairly treating me” to just admitting he is wrong and there is a reason. It works. With this his base will once again feel the fire lit under them and ferociously defend “their man”.

Even before the voting got underway, verbal onslaughts were being heaped towards anyone who did not support the President fully with one user proclaiming “I don’t care were they are from. They hate the United States. They need to get out.”

Polarizing politics are a Trump specialty and this is simply another tool in his arsenal.

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