ICE Raids to Begin on Sunday

President Trump confirmed the raids on Friday

Moments after speaking to the press regarding the resignation of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, President Trump confirmed the previously cancelled raids were set for Sunday, July 14th.

The raids themselves are nothing new. President Trump announced last month planned ICE raids but those raids were cancelled. One reason was that “operative imperative” information was leaked to the media. For example which cities were the target of the raids. The other was that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi asked the President to postpone. It was reported at the time that Pelosi had hoped to find a legislative solution to the ongoing illegal immigration issue.

As such, and in a rare olive branch, the President agreed to postpone them for two weeks. However lawmakers never made a move on the immigration issue. Partly due to the seeming reluctance of Republican lawmakers but also squabbles withing the Democratic Party. These squabbles are proving to be more and more of a blockade that Democrats cannot afford and Pelosi seems to have no answer to.

With America coming into another election cycle, immigration is not a subject the President or Congress can afford to look weak on. For his part, Trump is using the tool most readily available to him. Congress however seems to have no legislative answer. In fact, they seem to have no answer at all.

Know Your Rights

The ACLU and other human rights groups encourage immigrants, illegal or otherwise, and their families to know their rights when interacting with ICE.

know your rights

Should ICE agents come to your home:

  1. Do not open the door but remain calm.
  2. Ask them why they are there. You do have the right to an interpreter.
  3. If they ask to enter, ask if they have obtained a warrant signed by a judge. If they do have one, ask to see it. They can either slip it under the door or hold it up to a window.
  4. If they don not have a warrant signed by a judge (ICE administrative warrant form I-200 and I-205 do not count), you can refuse them entry. Ask them to leave any information for the person they are seeking at the door.
  5. If they do force their way in, DO NOT RESIST. Tell everyone in the residence to remain calm and quiet.
  6. If you are arrested, you do have the right to remain silent. You do have the right to an attorney. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING until you speak to legal counsel.



Is there an answer?

Immigration is one of those topics that seems to set American tempers afire. Despite the fact that America was founded by immigrants, many people in the U.S. have taken an ant-immigrant stance. As such, President Trump’s actions fill them with joy. Still, the answer to the issue cannot be more incarcerations. The country simply cannot afford is. Monetarily or ethically.

So is there an answer? The question is being asked not just in America but all over the world as people flee their homelands for the safety of far better off nations. Some say close the borders. Some say the Earth was meant to be open to all. Most want a middle ground but like our politicians have no idea what that is.

Whatever the answer is, we must find it and find is fast. Lives depend on it.


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