Presidential Election 2020 – Part 1

We’re a little late to the game but better late than never. Part of the reason was the hope that sensibility would prevail and the primaries would not continue to be inundated with candidates. However, much like the last time America went to the polls to pick a commander-in-chief, that does not seem to be the case. So with that in mind, here we go.

We will cover, in multiple parts, the candidates for your consideration. We would also like to note that we will not be including possible candidates, only those who are declared.

The Republicans

President Donald Trump

donald trump

President Donald Trump

Absolutely no surprise here. Despite having one of the most divisive presidency’s to ever befall America, President Trump thinks he’s doing a great job and so do his die-hard supporters.

The Details
  • Graduated The Wharton School with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics
  • Married 3 times and has 5 children. Current wife, First Lady Melania Trump.
  • Formerly a businessman, real estate developer and television personality
  • Currently the 45th President of the United States

The Positions

Trump’s political positions are hard to list since they often change. Still, we’ll try to give our best summary on common issues that matter to voters.

  • Two words. Border wall. He wants it and he wants it badly. So badly he even shut down the government for it. He didn’t get it but he is still fighting for it. His administration has adopted a “zero tolerance” policy for illegal immigrants. Then there is his famous Muslim travel ban. Oh, he also wants to greatly decrease the amount of people being given entry into America legally such as asylum seekers.
  • Endorses school of choice options. Prefers charter schools and private schools over investing in public education. He is also critical of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.
  • Deregulation. On what you ask? Everything. Food, energy, environment. If there are strict guidelines and procedures for it, he wants it gone.
  • Supports military members and veterans. While he has yet to make any meaningful administrative moves to actually help them, he claims to strongly support them. Except for the transgender troop ban and his “DOGO” (Deploy or Get Out) policy which directs the Pentagon to separate any service members not eligible for deployment within 12 months.
  • Tax cuts. Primarily for the top earning (1%) of individuals and businesses in America but some benefits have extended to the upper middle class.
  • Rejects climate change and global warming.
  • Is pro-life and only supports abortion in extreme cases.
  • Currently believes legalization of marijuana is a state issue.
  • He does not support the ACA and has tried many times to do away with it but has no viable alternative or answer to the healthcare crisis in America.

Foreign relations are harder to list as again, the President often flip-flops his positions. However some key pointers.

  • Does not support full restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba.
  • Rejects NAFTA as a bad trade deal.
  • Has imposed tariffs on Chinese exports to “level the playing field”.
  • Has had several showdowns with North Korea over the nuclear weapons issue but did recently meet with N.K.’s controversial leader.
  • Pro-Israel
  • Supports Brexit
  • Has question and criticized U.S. involvement in NATO and the United Nations.
  • He supports enhanced interrogation techniques for foreign prisoners.
The Outlook

In terms of the Republican Party nomination, as of now the President is a lock. Only once has an elected President been denied his parties nomination (President’s denied the nomination who came to the office by succession are not included) and that was Franklin Pierce back in 1856. While President Trump’s politics have created divisions within the Republican Party it is doubtful they would risk losing the White House to be rid of him. In terms of the General Election, that is harder to say. Had you asked back in 2016 if Trump had a chance of winning most people would have said no. But this is a new America and anything can happen. So until his Democrat counterpart is decided, it is anyone’s guess.

Link to campaign



Bill Weld

bill weld for president

Bill Weld

While William “Bill” Floyd Weld is no stranger to the political arena, he is relatively unknown on the national stage. Still, his resume is impressive and his motivations for entering the race seem purer than most.

The Details
  • Received a Bachelor’s Degree in Classics from Harvard, studied economics at Oxford and received his J.D. from Harvard Law School.
  • Former U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts (1981-1986)
  • Former head of the Criminal Division of the Justice Department in Washington D.C. (1986-1988)
  • Former Governor of Massachusetts (1991-1997)
  • Former Vice-Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party (2016)
  • Left the Republican Party for three years to join the Libertarian Party only to return to the GOP in 2019
  • Current member of the Council on Foreign Relations
  • Has been married twice. Has five children with first wife Susan. Currently married to Leslie Weld.
The Positions

While there is some information about Weld’s currently political positions, many of them are from when he was Governor so it is hard to know his exact standing now.

  • Supports stronger border security but not Trump’s border wall. Prefers a guest-worker program rather than a pathway to citizenship. Critical of Trump’s immigrant fear-mongering and current deportation policies. Supports asylum seekers and wishes to attract more foreign graduates and entrepreneurs to the U.S.
  • Supports state and parent based education. Does not support federal standards. Endorses charter schools.
  • Favors zero based budgeting. Plans to cut spending and cut taxes but has no specific proposal at this time.
  • Supports same sex-marriage and equality for all citizens.
  • Accepts climate-change and global warming. Has said he would rejoin the Paris accords.
  • Pro-choice and wants to remove all anti-abortion language from the GOP platform.
  • Supports medical marijuana
  • Supports expanded medicaid and more consumer choices for the ACA.
  • Supports non-nuclear proliferation
  • Wants to return to free trade, feels tariffs are counterproductive
Does He Stand a Chance?

Not long ago Weld would have been a star candidate. Someone that both Republicans and Democrats could have looked to and regarded as a unifying candidate. However that is not politics in America today. The only way Weld stands a chance with his own party is to tap into Republican voters who hate the corruption and controversy of the Trump Administration.

As passionate as Trump is about his border wall, Weld is about stamping out corruption. He even resigned from Reagan appointed position in protest of corruption.  But the RNC isn’t likely to take him seriously unless he gains traction with mainstream voters soon and put him in a position to make demand of the RNC. Still, you can’t fault him for trying. He’s not the only Republican, or third-party member, unimpressed with the Presidents performance. Though he is the only one thus far willing to do something about it.

Link to campaign


Trump a lock?

While the list of candidates is not long and it generally isn’t from a sitting President’s own party, there is room for other’s to decide to play along the way.

As of right now though, President Trump has the nomination all locked up.


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