DHS Secretary Defends Trump Immigration Policies

On the same day of Former First Lady Laura Bush’s op-ed, Kirstjen Nielsen fires back.

In a series of tweets posted Sunday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen defended President Trump’s immigration policies. She dismissed claims that the administration has a policy for separating families.

It is worth noting however that Nielsen’s tweets only referred to those who are seeking asylum at a port of entry, not those who cross the border illegally.


Nielsen defends immigration policy

Nielsen defends immigration policy

Nielsen defends immigration policy

Despite the bolstering of Nielsen, the fact remains a tragic situation is unfolding in the United States. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made it clear that all adults crossing into the U.S. illegally will be prosecuted. It is this zero-tolerance policy that is causing the predicament we find ourselves in. Though the tweets were clearly intended to stem the rising tide, they have failed. Critics eagerly jumped to admonish Nielsen.

As bipartisan criticism grows and Americans learn more of what is going on, it is clear something has to give. What that will be is unclear. President Trump has made it clear that any immigration bill must include funding for his controversial border wall. Democrats have made it clear that will not happen. So the stalemate goes on.

At least, until elections this November.

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