Resolution Denouncing Neo-Nazis Dies in Tennessee House Committee

A resolution to combat white supremacy and neo-Nazi groups took 36 seconds to die.

To most observers this one would seem like an easy decision. After all, no one likes hate groups unless you happen to belong to one. Still, the resolution introduced by State Representative John Ray Clemmons did not appear controversial. In fact, the resolution didn’t even name a particular group. Instead it asked that law enforcement treat groups deemed as such like any other domestic terrorist group. Yet when Clemmons motioned for the resolution to be discussed, no one offered a second. Thus the resolution died.

Clemmons stated to a local news out let that he had no idea why the resolution failed since it seemed like a fairly straightforward issue. However another member of the committee, State Representative Bob Ramsey stated that the members simply did not have enough information. He cited the fact that the members do not know what the federal guidelines for terrorism are so the groups could not be identified. Ramsey also suggested that the resolution was introduced purely to embarrass him and the other committee members. However, Ramsey says the resolution can be reintroduced if the wording is changed.

Clemmons has not stated if he will do so.

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