Congressman Introduces Legislation to Limit Trump Travel Profits

Congressman Jamie Raskin, from Maryland’s 8th district, has introduced the legislation.

On Friday, Congressman Raskin introduced H.R. 503, the Heightened Oversight of Traveling, Eating and Lodging (HOTEL) Act. If passed, it would prohibit any government agency from using taxpayer money to stay or dine at any property owned by President Trump, his family or any other head of an executive agency. Raskin states the bill is in response to President Trump’s ongoing violation of the Domestic Emoluments Clause. The clause basically states that the President can receive no compensation, federal or state, other than his mandated salary.

With Trump regularly visiting his own properties, usually his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, this means that taxpayers are not only funding his vacations but that he profits from them as well. Considering how many staffers usually accompany him, the price tag is high. It is worth noting that Raskin’s bill only identifies the Domestic clause, not its foreign counterpart. The Foreign Emoluments Clause┬ábasically states the same thing as the domestic except that those providing compensation are foreign. Meaning every time the President hosts foreign leaders at his estate, those governments are putting money right into Trump’s company.

Raskin cites recent reports of government spending at Trump resorts as his motivation. Raskin’s press release regarding the bill can be found below.

H.R. 503 – The Heightened Oversight of Traveling, Eating and Lodging (HOTEL) Act

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