John McEntee, Personal Assistant to Trump, Fired

Fired from the White House? Yes. But not from Trump himself.

On Monday the White House revealed that John McEntee, personal assistant to the President, has been fired. The reason given was “unspecified security issues”. However, to think that is the end of the tale would be naive. Early Tuesday morning the Trump re-election campaign announced that McEntee had joined the campaign as a senior adviser for campaign operations.

Mr. McEntee was removed from the White House grounds on Monday afternoon without being allowed to collect his belongings according to a White House official. The exact reasoning for his firing remains unclear though McEntee indicated to colleagues it had to do with issues in his background. His firing could be due to Chief of Staff John Kelly’s purge of those who have interim security clearance. Over the last month, Kelley has imposed stricter security policies. After joining the White House this last summer, Kelly discovered “pages” of people with temporary clearance. Since then he has discovered some 35 individuals who should not have had top security clearance.

It is worth noting the strangeness of the situation. McEntee is apparently not trustworthy enough to work in the White House but he is trustworthy enough to help run a presidential campaign.

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