Benjamin Wolf, Former FBI Employee, Announces Congressional Bid As “Cannabis Candidate”

Along with his  progressive and cannabis friendly beliefs, Wolf boasts two decades of service to America.

Wolf’s pro-cannabis beliefs will be hailed by those who favor marijuana legalization or at least decriminalization. In recent years, the push to legalize the drug has exploded into the mainstream. Wolf’s desire to see the drug legalized seem to stem from where most others draw their arguments. It has health benefits, allows for criminal justice reform and creates an enormous revenue stream.

In an article published by CNN, Wolf said this, “As a former federal agent and law enforcement officer, I think legalizing cannabis would really free up the criminal justice system in terms of incarceration space, in terms of time and energy of first responders, and it would allow law enforcement officers to focus on what’s really important.”

In the same article Wolf also talks about his stance in gun rights. While his campaign website states that the Second Amendment must be respected, he does not shy away in a campaign video from explaining the functions of an AR-15 and why he thinks it should be banned “immediately.” He stated, “”These are true instruments of death. And I think that there’s no place for them in modern American society.”

The Resume

After his time with the FBI, where he worked under Robert Mueller, Wolf went to work for the State Department. There he served as a U.S. Diplomat and special agent in Iraq and Africa. After leaving the State Department, he returned to Chicago and completed his doctorate in psychology. Since completing his studies he has become a professor, opened a restaurant and started a housing non-profit.

Wolf says he entered the race due to continued disappointment with politicians and to help usher in the next generation of Democrats. He is one of three challengers to incumbent Rep. Mike Quigley in the Democratic primary for Illinois’ 5th Congressional District, which includes parts of Chicago. Wolf must compete against Quigley, former Yale undergraduate director Steve Schwartzberg and Sameena Mustafa.

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