Hope Hicks, White House Communications Director, To Resign

Hicks made the announcement Wednesday though gave no definite departure date.

Hope Hicks

In her statement Hicks thanked President Trump saying, “There are no words to adequately express my gratitude to President Trump.” She then added, “I wish the president and his administration the very best as he continues to lead our country.”

The announcement comes the day after she testified before the House Intelligence Committee. At the time of her testimony there seemed to be no indication she planned to resign. However, aides at the White House claim the two events are not related.

The last month has been a tumultuous one for Hicks. She came under fire for the manner in which she handled the Rob Porter scandal. Porter, former Staff Secretary, faces allegations of spousal abuse. In the wake of the allegations, the White House seemed to struggle with how to approach the situation. Further complicating matters was the fact that Hicks and Porter are reportedly dating.

Despite this, Hicks has been viewed as a stabilizing force in the White House. Coming into the job, Hicks had to contend with a highly fractured press. While press relations are still not the best they have ever been, she has accomplished much since taking the job more than six months ago. Hicks in President Trump’s fourth communications in 13 months.

She has not yet said what she will do after she leaves.


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