Stacey Dash, Conservative Commentator and “Clueless” Star, is Running for Congress

Ms. Dash filed paperwork Monday with the Federal Election Commission.

On February 9th, Ms. Dash asked her Twitter followers to weigh in on a possible run for office. In the last few days she has hinted, not so subtly, that elements were coming together. Finally came this tweet as news broke that she had filed the appropriate paperwork.

Thus far, no formal statement has been released. As of this writing, Ms. Dash does not yet have a campaign website either. Ms. Dash is running in California’s 44th district, a traditional Democrat stronghold. The district is currently represented by Nanette Barragán (D). While Dash is most well known for her role in 1995’s “Clueless”, she rose to political popularity in 2012 thanks to her outspoken support of Mitt Romney for President. Dash was also an early supporter of now President Donald Trump. Later, Dash worked for Fox News but was suspended for comments about former President Obama. She has since been fired from the network.

While some have already dismissed her bid as superfluous, it is worth noting that in the current political landscape, it would be foolish to count out the underdog. If 2016 taught us anything it is that wild cards are always ones to watch.

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