Levi Sanders, Son of Senator Bernie Sanders, Launches Congressional Campaign

Official announcement.

In his official statement on his campaign website, Sanders said this, “After much thought and consultation with my family, friends, and the people of New Hampshire, I am excited to announce today that I am running for Congress in New Hampshire’s 1st District. This is a unique opportunity to listen to the hard working men and women of New Hampshire about the issues that matter to them. 

The majority of voters in New Hampshire, and around this country, agree that we need a Medicare For All healthcare system which guarantees healthcare to every man, women, and child without out of pocket expenses. We need an educational system which says that whether you are rich or poor, you have the ability to go to a public college and/or university tuition free. We need to demand that we have a minimum wage which allows people to work forty hours a week without being in poverty. It is urgent that we address the opioid problem which is at a crisis level in New Hampshire. We must demand that women finally earn the same pay as men. It is unacceptable that we haven’t found the political courage to pass sensible gun legislation.

That time is up – we must be bold and unwavering in our fight for the people. 

For 15 years, New Hampshire has been my family’s home. For over 17 years, I have represented the working class who have been beaten up by the system. It is time to demand that we have a system which represents the 99% and not the 1% who have never had it so good. 

This campaign is about each and everyone of us, who strive each and everyday, to make this great state and country a better place in which to live.”

The battlefield.

Sanders is hoping to replace Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D) who has chosen not to seek re-election. Currently there are seven other Democrats and three Republican also vying for the seat. While Sanders does not live in the 1st district, the law only requires that he live in the state. New Hampshire’s 1st district has a long history of shifting politics so it will be a considerable battle for all of the candidates.

However, given the similarities in his politics to that of his father, popularity should not be a problem. Sen. Bernie Sanders is considered an early front-runner for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020.


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