Florida Governor Calls For Stricter Gun Laws And School Safety Measures

On Friday, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced new measures to combat mass shootings and gun violence.

Gov. Scott has announced his intention to see the legal age to purchase a gun raised to 21 years old. This will exclude military personal, law enforcement and their spouses. Additionally, Scott seeks to expand other gun control measures. Gov. Scott wants to bar a person from possessing or purchasing a firearm if they have a history of stalking, cyberstalking, dating violence, repeat violence, sexual violence, or domestic violence.  Also enhanced criminal penalties for threats to schools, penalties if any person possesses or purchases a gun after they have been deemed unfit to do so and a complete ban of bump stocks.

The Governor’s plans don’t stop there. Gov. Scott also announced plans to to enhance school safety. His action plan calls for mandatory law enforcement officers in school. Scott wants at least one officer in every school though hopes to have one officer per 1,000 students. This will be in addition to all schools be outfitted with metal detectors, bulletproof glass, steel doors and upgraded locks. Scott said his action plan will provide $450 million dollars to bring the plans to fruition.

Scott’s proposal comes ten days after the deadly shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in which 17 students were killed and another 20 injured. Since the shooting, students from the school have led a crusade for sweeping gun reforms. As is common following such tragedies, stiff opposition has formed against calls for reform. Despite this, Gov. Scott seems to be rising to the calls of his constituents.


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