President Trump, Prime Minister Turnbull Laud Each Other

Despite a rocky start, the President and the Australian Prime Minister seem to have plenty in common.

In fact, the two men seemed to genuinely enjoy each others company. PM Turnbull congratulated the President on his tax reforms saying, “Trump’s economic reforms are one of the most powerful arguments that we are deploying to persuade our legislature to reduce business taxes. When you cut corporate taxes, most of the benefit goes to workers. It procures more investment and, when you get more investment you get more jobs.” The two reportedly spent a lot of time discussing jobs.

For his part, President Trump praised the Prime Minister for his, and his country’s, continued commitment to merit-based immigration. Trump stated, “We want to do merit-based immigration also.” He then added that such a system “really protects the interest of Australia and its people. “It’s the way to go. And you’ve been very successful with it. Here, we’re working very hard to do the same. In that sense, we’re going to, hopefully, follow in your footprints.”

President Trump also used the occasion to announce that there are plans to name a new combat ship, which is being built by an Australian company in Mobile, AL, the USS Canberra. The HMAS Canberra was an Australian heavy cruiser that was sunk on August 9th, 1942. The Canberra was fighting alongside the U.S. against the Japanese during the Battle of Savo Island. 84 members of the crew were killed and another 109 were injured. PM Turnbull appeared joyous at the announcement saying, “What a great example of 100 years of mateship.”


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