Manhunt Underway in Schaffhausen Attack

On Monday, a man attacked people in a office with a chainsaw.

Armed with a chainsaw, a lone attacker has wounded five people at a health insurer’s office in the Swiss city of Schaffhausen. Police suspect the man is Franz Wrousis. Wrousis has two previous convictions for weapons offenses and no fixed residence, according to authorities.

Christina Wettstein, spokeswoman for insurer CSS, said the man seriously injured two insurance agency employees. The two employees were hospitalized and underwent medical operations. However, authorities said their lives were not in danger. Three other people were slightly injured in the confrontation.

The perpetrator had fled by the time police arrived. Authorities immediately sealed off the city’s old town.

Swiss authorities believe “this was first and foremost a crime against this insurance agency,” and not a larger terrorist plot.

“We have information that this man is dangerous, that he is aggressive and, shall we say, psychologically disturbed,” he added.

Wrousis was previously registered as living in Graubuenden canton, in Switzerland’s southeast. He apparently lives mostly in woods, though it isn’t clear where he was immediately before Monday’s attack.

Schaffhausen is a city of about 36,000 people north of Zurich on the German border.

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