Gov. John Kasich Says No To “Repeal then Replace”

On Sunday, the Governor completely rejected the idea.

With the reveal of the Senate healthcare plan, and the number of politicians running away from it, other ideas have bloomed. On such idea, in which President Trump has spoken of, first passing a clean Obamacare repeal bill and then figuring out a replacement at some point in the future. Governor Kasich however condemns the idea.

“No, you just can’t get rid of this, because you can’t leave people without what they need. What happens, people will lose their health care,” he said. Gov. Kasich was appearing on ABC’s “This Week” when he spoke of his position.

He made it clear he feels it is the responsibility lay party leadership to find the common ground necessary for a lasting answer.

“Both sides have to have a willingness to achieve something and then both sides have to kind of back off and give some space to the other side,” he said. “You don’t put somebody in a corner. You don’t put an animal in the corner without the animal striking back, you don’t put a politician in the corner and without them expecting to strike back at you.”

 Democrats have also expressed their outrage at the idea.


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