Daily Archives: July 3, 2017

AG Sessions orders review of transgender murders

AG Sessions Orders Review of Transgender Murders

Due to the alarming number of transgender murders, Session orders review. Sessions has ordered his prosecutors to review files on murders of transgender people. In a speech on Thursday, Sessions said the review is to make sure there’s not a serial killer or hate group

R. Seth Williams pleads guilty to bribery.

Philadelphia D.A. Pleads Guilty

Philadelphia’s history making D.A. has plead guilty to bribery. On Thursday, R. Seth Williams plead guilty to bribery and quit his position as Philadelphia’s chief law enforcement officer. The unexpected plea came after  more than two weeks of testimony. Prosecutors alleged that Williams took cash

Ehud Olmert released from prison.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Released From Prison

Ehud Olmert was released Sunday after serving 16 months for corruption charges. The former Prime Minister was originally sentenced to 27 months, but was released early after serving about two-thirds of his sentence. Olmert was imprisoned for taking money from an American businessman in addition

Trump moves to expand offshore drilling.

President Trump Begins Offshore Drilling Expansion

The President has ordered his Cabinet to move forward with repealing Obama policies. Trump is hoping to expand offshore drilling into coastal areas that have long been off-limits to the industry. The announced his intentions during a speech at the Department of Energy on Thursday.