Nebraska Democrat Fired After Scalise Comments

Phil Montag was fired from his volunteer position Thursday morning.

Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Party chair, fired Montag after a recording surfaced on YouTube of him saying was glad House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot and then went further by saying he with the Louisiana congressman was dead.

The recording was made during a conversation in which Montag was reportedly attempting to console Chelsey Gentry-Tipton after her own scandal. Tipton took to Facebook earlier this month to mock Republicans as they gave interviews regarding the shooting that left Scalise critically wounded. Also present during the conversation was Tipton’s friend, Destin Madison.
The audio begins in the middle of the conversation, so how Montag became so irate is unclear. What is clear is not only how far over the line Montag stepped, but that Tipton and Madison both encouraged Montag to speak out. At some point it must have seemed clear that Montag had no intention of doing so. It is then that Madison reveals he has been recording the conversation and plans to release the audio to the public.
However, Montag claims that the recording was edited to take his words out of context. He added that he was horrified by the shooting and absolutely did not wish the Congressman was dead.
“I did not call for the congressman’s death,” Montag said.
Thus far, Tipton and Madison have not commented on Montag’s allegation that they had edited the recording.
Tipton is facing plenty of pressure of her own. The state party wants her to resign as Black Caucus chairwoman for her own comments. She has refused to do so saying in a statement on Facebook that her posts were taken out of context by party officials and that she would not resign “at this point”.
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