Judiciary Committee Wants Answers From Loretta Lynch

The former Attorney General faces allegations of interfering in Clinton email investigation.

It appears the drama surrounding the Clinton email scandal is far from over. Now, top senators on the Judiciary Committee want answers from Lynch regarding her level of involvement in derailing the investigation.

The new chapter in this endless saga began back in April with an article published in The New York Times. The article was about the FBI receiving several documents hacked from Russian networks. One of these documents was from a Democratic operative, who seemed confident that Lynch would keep the FBI probe reined in.

Then last month, the Washington Post reported on another document. This one showed Rep. Debbie Schultz (D-FL) telling a Clinton campaign operative that she had been assured by Lynch that the FBI probe would amount to nothing.

Finally, there was the testimony of James Comey stating that Lynch had given him specific instructions when it came to the investigation. This included terminology to use when discussing the investigation. One would assume this was an attempt to lessen the seriousness in the eyes of the public.  In baseball terms, three strikes and your out.

Questions asked, will they be answered?

Now, understandably, the Judiciary Committee wants some answers. Four senators, Republican and Democrat, have sent Lynch a letter containing a list of questions. These questions are obviously an attempt to determine what level, if any, of collusion occurred between Lynch and the Clinton campaign.

Much press has been given to possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, but only recently has there been evidence that Clinton’s campaign might have participated in its own kind.

As the committee’s investigation into the Department of Justice continues, it is hard to see how there is anyway for Lynch to avoid testifying.

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