President Trump: I Have No Tapes

After setting off forty days of speculation, President Trump says he made no tapes.

It all started on May 12th when the President tweeted the following:

Trump Admits He Has No Tapes of Comey

From there, America was off to the races. The tweet was a not-so subtle attempt to threaten the ousted FBI director but unfortunately for the President, it didn’t work. Not by a long shot.

Why? Because former FBI Director Comey called his bluff in an incredibly public fashion. Under oath, in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and with America watching live. Between Comey’s statement to the SIC and his pubic testimony, Comey made clear that he had the upper hand. He had the truth.

Then on Thursday, President Trump was forced, to the degree he would allow himself, to admit that no tapes existed. No tapes that he made anyway.

Trump Admits There Are No Comey Tapes

While the President tried to insert the idea into the American consciousness that perhaps “someone somewhere” could have made tapes, the bottom line is they don’t exist. They never did. The President simply tried to strong-arm a man that refused to play Trump’s game.

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