President Trump Not Expected To Block Comey Testimony

The highly anticipated testimony is not expected to be blocked by executive privilege.

According to a report by ABC News, Trump currently has no plans to invoke executive privilege in an attempt to block former FBI Director Comey from testifying before Congress this week. Speculation has been rampant regarding whether the President would attempt to keep his conversations with Comey private.

While Trump could change his mind, the officials said attempting to block the testimony would look terrible for the president and would have no guarantee of success legally.

“There’s nothing Comey could say that would be more damaging than trying to silence him,” one White House adviser was quoted.

Another official apparently remarked that it is questionable whether it would even work to invoke executive privilege considering that Comey is now a private citizen. This coupled with the fact that Trump himself has in tweets and interviews discussed details of his private talks with him.

Still, President Trump is known for “bucking” what most people think he will do and stretching the definitions of laws and doctrines. So in the end, what happens is anybody’s guess.


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