Democrats Want Clinton Out of Spotlight…And We Agree

After two failed campaigns, it’s time for Hillary to rethink her role.

According to a new report by The Hill, Democrats are clamoring for the former Presidential hopeful to take a hint and back away. Frankly, the only shocking part of this news is the fact that it took the establishment this long to figure out what the rest of us already knew.

Former colleagues and aides claim her remarks regarding her loss in November, along with public remarks blaming the Democratic National Committee for the defeat, are hurting the party. On top of it all, Clinton now appears to be simply a bitter, poor loser. While most agree she has a right to be angry about the “stolen” election, they all agree enough is enough.

However, her remarks about the Democratic Party aren’t really “hurting”. Instead, they are reinforcing what most already know. Democrats, like it or not, have become out of touch. Nowhere was that more obvious than in 2016. The simple fact is the party completely underestimated their own members.

Donald Trump is not President now because he ran a better campaign, he is President because Democrats failed to connect. They failed to listen to the largest block of voters since baby boomers. They did not entice people to the polls. The result cost Clinton the electoral college and thus, the presidency.

Kingmaker or Court Fool

Here is why Clinton should disappear into the background though. She tried twice and failed twice. The Clinton’s will not have a political dynasty, that moment has passed. One can hope she does not contemplate a third run. If Mrs. Clinton insists upon continuing to insert herself onto the political platform, she better resign herself to the role of “kingmaker” and nothing else.

The woman still carries powerful political capital and could be a powerful ally to the younger Democrat generation…if she stops now. By stop, I mean stop complaining about a situation that cannot be changed. Her situation is not much different from that of Al Gore. He reached, he lost (but didn’t), and he moved on. Now the former VP spends his time trying to affect policy. In that, he is quite effective on the world stage and Clinton could be no different. But the sore-loser bit must stop now.

Campaigning never stops. From the moment one election is decided, the next one is already being plotted out. The Democratic Party can move on without her but she cannot do anything without them. If she continues to persist in her rants about her loss, she will become irrelevant. However embarrassed she felt in November, she will find herself more the fool.

Clinton seems to genuinely care about people, not just power (although she seems to like it just fine). So if she can find a way to reconcile herself to her plight, she can continue to help not just America but the world. If not, she needs to disappear into the golden sunset.

Put simply, even supporters are tired of hearing about November. For now, everyone is, and should be, far more concerned about what comes next.

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