President Trump Asked Intelligence Agencies to Deny Russia Collusion

President Trump asked two top intelligence chiefs’ to publicly deny evidence of cooperation between his campaign and Russia.
The story was first reported by The Washington Post.
These latest revelations do nothing to quell fears and questions over alleged links between Trump’s campaign and Russia. This follows the President firing FBI Director James Comey and by his own admission he stated that the Russia probe factored into his decision.

Former FBI Director, Robert Mueller

Trump has tried in vain to shake off the the drama but each day seems to only bring more questions for the commander-in-chief. Now, with the appointment of special counsel, Robert Mueller, there seems to be no end in sight.
Did the President break the law?
The sudden firing of Comey raised questions about whether Trump was abusing his power. Many saw the move as an attempt to discredit the FBI investigation. Those questions have taken on new meaning given the latest information of Trump’s actions.
Dan Coats Asked By President Trump to Deny Russia Collusion

Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats

Trump apparently spoke to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and National Security Agency Director Adm. Michael Rogers after the Comey revealed the FBI had launched a probe into alleged collusion. Both men refused to comply with the President’s request.
Reportedly the White House had also asked the FBI to push back against stories in the press about potential coordination between Trump associates and Russia. However, Comey revealed in a hearing before the House Intelligence Committee that the FBI was indeed investigating possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.
Adm. Michael Rogers Asked by President Trump to Deny Russia Collusion

National Security Agency Director, Adm. Michael Rogers

The Paper Trail.
The Post story said a record of Trump’s request to Rogers was detailed in a memo from a senior NSA official. That memo, as well as any other pertaining documents, will be made available to Mueller as he proceeds with the Justice Department investigation. Adding to this is Comey’s memos’ and personal testimony.
Though Comey is expected to testify on the Hill soon, sources and lawmakers agree he will be limited in what he can say. This is due to the fact that Mueller has not yet had a chance to interview him. Since Comey is regarded as a witness in Mueller’s investigation, the Hill testimony might end up presenting more questions than answers.
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