President Trump Budget Proposal Raises Concerns

This time, it’s not just Democrats who are upset.

While Democrats have been quick to decry President Trump’s first budget proposal to Congress, they have been joined by more than a few Republicans. While not all of them are outright condemning the proposal, many have been quick to distance themselves. Even some of the President’s most steadfast allies.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) had this to say, “We’ll be taking into account what the president’s recommending, but it will not be determinant in every respect.”

Several other Senate Republicans were quick to remind the public in written statements that Congress alone determines government spending. They were quick to emphasize that the White House can suggest spending but that it’s the Capitol that has the final say.

While the proposal claims it can balance the budget within ten years without cuts to Social Security and Medicare, to achieve that goal there are sharp cuts elsewhere. Trump’s proposal includes $1.7 trillion in entitlement spending cuts over 10 years. This includes $800 billion from Medicaid and other benefits programs.

It also includes a boost to military spending and $25 billion over 10 years for a paid family leave proposal. Most interestingly though is the $1 billion for border wall construction. This despite Trump’s campaign promise that Americans would not pay for his proposed wall. Foreign aid, except for Israel and Egypt, also takes a hit.



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