Bangladesh Authorities Arrest 27 Men for Homosexuality

Police in Bangladesh stormed a community center to arrest men suspected of being gay.

The center is located outside the capital of Dhaka. In the early hours of Friday morning, police raided the center.

Zahangir Hossain Matobbar, commander of Bangladesh’s R.A.B., told the Associated Press that the suspects were arrested at the community center for a regular gathering in which they “stay overnight for partying.”

Police said they recovered illegal drugs and condoms in their possession. The men will be with drug offenses instead of Bangladesh’s sodomy law because they were detained before they had sex.

However, a different RAB spokesman told Agence France-Presse that the men had been arrested “for homosexuality” and that it had not yet been determined how they would be formally charged.

Homosexual acts are illegal in Muslim-majority Bangladesh. The arrests come on the heels  of several anti-gay acts. Including two men who were sentenced to public lashings for gay sex and the mass genocide of several other homosexuals in other countries.

Bangladesh’s legal code prohibits “unnatural offenses,” which it says includes voluntary “carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal.” The offense is punishable with life in prison.


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