Robert Mueller Appointed Special Counsel in Trump-Russia Investigation

The former FBI director was appointed by the Justice Department on Wednesday.

Mueller has accepted the responsibility of being appointed as a special counsel. He will oversee the federal investigation into potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign to influence the 2016 election.

In a short statement, Mueller says, “I accept this responsibility and will discharge it to the best of my ability.”

The appointment comes amid growing outcry from Democrats and follows the revelation Tuesday that fired FBI Director James Comey was asked by Trump to end an investigation into Michael Flynn.

The position will give Mueller sweeping powers and the authority to prosecute any crimes uncovered in the probe. He will have¬†not only oversight of the Russia probe, but also “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” That could well include the firing last week of FBI Director James Comey.

While Republicans have largely stood behind Trump, many GOP lawmakers have grown increasingly anxious. Especially after Trump fired Comey. Now however, Trump allies will have to think carefully about their zealous positions, especially given the upcoming midterm elections.

So far early reactions have been encouraging but it is too soon to tell if the feeling will last.

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