Healthcare Bill Vote Scheduled

Could this be the win that Trump and GOP need?

GOP claims they have the votes to make the passage of their healthcare bill a reality.

Should Speaker Paul Ryan manage to finally vote on and pass GOP health bill on Thursday, it will be no small milestone. With it, he may temper a tumultuous period of growing pains that have been played out over the last few months. The party’s floundering and in fighting have done nothing to help the controversial start of Donald Trump’s presidency.
House Republicans will finally be able to tell their frustrated base that the party has set the stage to complete their campaign promises. Ryan will regain some credibility as a leader able to bring his party together and govern. A vote to pass the American Health Care Act on Thursday would at least restore confidence that the GOP can come together to pass an agenda. And lastly, this would be a much needed break for Trump.
Democrats however are finding nothing to be joyful about. The party is are already setting up 2018 challenges.
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi accused Republicans of gutting coverage and assurances that those with pre-existing conditions could get health care.
“It’s a joke. It’s a very sad, deadly joke,” she said.
It is still unclear if the bill will actually pass. However, we can be sure that win, lose, or draw, this battle is far from over.
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