Monthly Archives: May 2017

Man Arrested on Weapons Charge at Trump International Hotel

Police arrested a man at Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington early Wednesday. The arrest came after discovering an assault rifle, a handgun and ammunition inside his vehicle. Metropolitan Police received a tip regarding the man. Federal authorities, including the Secret Service, are involved in the

Supreme Court Upholds Travel Ban

Supreme Court to Hear Ohio Voter Purge Policy

Voter Registration Comes to the Supreme Court Again. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear Ohio’s appeal of a lower court ruling that blocked the state’s policy of purging people from voter-registration lists if they do not regularly cast ballots. The lower court found

Justin Trudeau asks Pope Francis for an apology.

Canadian PM Reportedly Asks Pope For An Apology

The popular Prime Minister has asked the Pope apologize for the Church’s abuse of Canada’s indigenous children. Residential schools were created in the 1880’s to take children from their families and assimilate them into mainstream Canadian society. The final such school did not close until