Supreme Court Will Not Hear Immigration Case

SCOTUS has refused to hear case that challenges the expedited removal of undocumented immigrants.

On Monday, the Supreme Court left in place a lower court opinion rejecting claims by undocumented Central American women and children seeking asylum.  The defendants were apprehended immediately after arriving in the country. The problem is, they did so without authorization. As such, they were placed for expedited removal from the United States and back to their homes. The status makes it difficult for asylum seekers to obtain a court hearing before being deported.

Legal counsel for the families sought to challenge their expedited removal proceedings by arguing they face gender-based violence at home. However a Philadelphia-based federal appeals court held that they have no right to judicial review of such claims. With that avenue failing, the families hoped the Supreme Court would step in to help. That now, obviously, will not be the case.
With this decision, the government can continue to deny asylum seekers placed in expedited removal a chance to have their cases heard by federal court. While a victory for immigration opponents, it is a severe blow to many. Since Trump has inhabited the White House, America is polarized with immigration questions. From travel bans to deportations, as a country we have heard much on the issue since January. It would be safe to say there will be many more battles to come.
Note: Justice Gorsuch did not participate in the decision.
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