Erdogan’s Test: Turkey Votes on Reforms

Support for President Erdogan put to the test.

Turkish citizens are turning out to vote on an 18 article constitutional reform bill that would give sweeping new powers to their President. The move comes after an attempted coup de’tat last year over the subject in which citizens vote now; a President with more power.

Erdogan wants more power in Turkey.

Anti-coup protests during 2016’s attempted coup.

President Erdogan¬†wants to turn Turkey’s parliamentary system into a presidential one. In effect, consolidating the power of three legislative bodies into one executive branch with the president as its head.

The reforms would also abolish the role of prime minister while granting authority to the president to issue law, declare states of emergency, dismiss parliament and to appoint ministers, public officials and half of the senior judges.

The bill would also allow Erdogan to extend his term in office until at least 2029.
Turkish citizens seem as divided on the issue as Erdogan opponents. A fight broke out on the floor of Parliament as the bill was debated. The reason it has gone to referendum was it was not approved by a large enough margin in Parliament.
The world now must wait and watch as another Democracy is seemingly threatened.
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