Protests Continue in Serbia

Protesters fight Presidential outcome.

For the seventh day in a row, thousands of people protested against the victory of Serbia’s Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic. This comes amid fresh allegations by the opposition of a rigged vote count. The groups have alleged irregularities including muzzling of the media during the campaign, voter intimidation and bribes. His opponent also alleged massive fraud at 25 different voting stations.

Vucic denied the allegations and instructed the state electoral commission to do a recount from two of the mentioned voting stations. The recount was done live on state TV. It turned up four suspicious ballots, not hundreds as accused.

Advisers to his opponent said the recount itself was invalid because the ballots could have been tampered with in the meantime. They said they would file criminal charges against officials who counted the ballots at the polling stations.

Confidence in voting security is on a decline world-wide. As younger generations participate, trust in government is becoming a larger issue. Youth have been taught to be skeptical and until confidence is restored, more situations like this will play out.


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