Can Trump Unify Republicans?

As America approaches 100 days of President Trump, leadership questions remain.

Can Donald Trump Unify Republicans

As we approach the 100 day mark, there is no doubt that Trump has failed to rally the country around him. Political divisions are as deep as they have ever been and no where is it more painfully obvious than within the party he leads.

While House Speaker Paul Ryan has learned to work with a man he once vowed he could never support (his tune changed quickly there), many other Republicans have not. As the days continue to pass, it seems harder to imagine that he can win over the GOP holdouts. Diplomacy is the greatest skill a President can possess but how can America trust Trump to create peaceful ties around the world when he can’t in his own party?

Some argue it is not the fault of the President but of those who refuse to show him absolute loyalty. Others say it is a byproduct of having a man unfit for office as leader. In reality though, it runs deeper than that. It stems from one unalienable truth that no one in this country is willing to admit. We have become an all or nothing nation.

Refusal to compromise.

Generally speaking, when one party has the controlling majority in both chambers of Congress and their man in the White House, things get done. Not always in the best interest of the country but they do get done. This time however, that is not the case. The fact was nowhere more obvious than when the GOP could not even pull itself together on healthcare reform. From Cabinet appointments, advisory positions and staff, and on to the President’s mounting vacation expenses; this President is finding himself getting hit from the left and right. Adding to it all is Trump’s seeming inability to take criticism with any grace, fueling more tensions.

It’s hard to see the problem rectifying itself anytime soon as we head into midterm elections. With 33 Senate seats up for grabs and all 435 House seats in play, politicians have a lot of work to do. A situation not made any easier by the undeniable fact that some Trump supporters are beginning to question the man in the Oval Office.

Trump has a little over a year to pull his party together and continue their hold on power. Failure to do so could spell major losses for the GOP. So can he do it? Honestly, it is hard to say. Trump has shown himself to be very unwilling to bend and forces within his own party as just as determined.

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