K.T. McFarland Accepts Ambassadorship

National Security Council Shake-Up Contines

K.T. McFarland named U.S. Ambassador to Singapore

K.T. McFarland has accepted President Trump’s offer to be U.S. Ambassador to Singapore. The move comes as H.R. McMaster, current national security adviser, continues to clean house in his new position.

According to a report by CNN, McFarland will continue to serve in her current post but it is unlikely that she will stay until her confirmation. An official is also quoted in the article as saying that McMaster has not decided what to do about replacing McFarland. However he did acknowledge that Dina Powell’s role as deputy national security adviser for strategy “will probably expand.”

No stranger to controversy.

McFarland is no stranger to controversy or embarrassing departures in her career. During her run for Senator of New York in 2006, she was plagued with scandal. She first ran into trouble with a comment that appeared to allege that the (the for Senator) Clinton campaign had been flying helicopters low over her house and spying on her. She also claimed that Clinton forces had rented an apartment across from her duplex on Park Avenue in New York city. Though she later said she had been joking, voters did not find the episode funny.

Perhaps the most critical though was that upon further inspection of her credentials, voters began to lose faith in her honesty. McFarland claimed that she had written part of President Reagan‘s famous “Star Wars” speech. However, The New York Times proved the claim was false. The speech was actually been written by Reagan’s “top national security advisers,” which McFarland was not. She also claimed she was the highest ranking woman of her time at the Reagan Pentagon. In fact two women at the Pentagon at the time held higher ranks. McFarland also claimed she had been the first female professional staff member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, which she had not.

Added to the fact that she faced election laws scandals, accusations of abuse by her father, and harsh words towards her deceased brother (who was a homosexual and died of AIDS in 1995) left her campaign in shambles. The final nail in her coffin however came after her daughter was arrested for shoplifting.

Republican and Trump Darling.

After the disaster of her senatorial bid, McFarland turned to the one place no Repulican is ever turned away from, Fox News. Beginning in 2010, she began serving as a regular commentator. Her bombastic critical critiquing of President Obama won her many friends at the media conglomerate and within the party.

Her appointment as Deputy National Security Adviser came as a shock to many outside President Trump’s inner circle. Many thought she lacked the experience to serve in a proper capacity. However formal objections could not be raised as the appointment does not require confirmation.

With this new career move however, it leaves us to wonder if perhaps this fall from grace could be more permanent.

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