Dan Scavino Jr. Calls for Defeat of Rep. Justin Amash

Presidential Aide Dan Scavino Jr. lashed out against Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI.), member of the Freedom Caucus, on Saturday.

Echoing the methods of his boss, he called for members of the “Trump Train” to defeat Amash in the primary.

[email protected] is bringing auto plants & jobs back to Michigan. @justinamash is a big liability. #TrumpTrain, defeat him in primary.”

Dan Scavino lashes out at Rep. Justin Amash in a tweet.

The tweet also claims that President Trump is bringing auto manufacturing jobs back to Michigan. Ford Motor Company CEO’s Mark Fields issued a statement saying the President had nothing to do with it’s latest announcement. In fact, the announcement pertains to a deal reached back in 2015 when former President Obama still occupied the White House. ¬†The company has also announced that it plans to expand it business abroad. This in addition to expected temporary layoffs due to sluggish sales.

Rep. Amash however was quick to fire back with a tweet of his own.

“Trump admin & Establishment¬†have merged into #Trumpstablishment. Same old agenda: Attack conservatives, libertarians & independent thinkers.”

Justin Amash responds to Dan Scavino tweet

Rep. Justin Amash’s response to earlier tweet from Dan Scavino, Social Media Director for President Trump.

Republican Party Tensions

This is the latest in an increasing divide within the Republican Party. Divisions that are largely credited with the failed repeal and replace of Obamacare last month. Members of the Freedom Caucus said the proposed bill did not go far enough in scaling back the current law. After the defeat, President Trump tweeted this.

Donald Trump calls for defeat of Freedom Caucus and Democrats.

Pres. Trump tweets about Freedom Caucus and Democrats.

The tweet was followed by the President calling out specific members of his own party whom he felt were detrimental to the GOP.

The quarreling is not new of coarse. Since Trump was predicted to be the Republican nominee for President, he has faced numerous members of his own party who refused to endorse him or work with him. This tension following him into the White House however makes for great difficulties moving forward with actual governing. It also sets America up for an equally explosive election in 2018 as Republicans and Democrats vie for seats in both state and federal elections.

However it appears now that The White House is mincing no words when it comes to whom it considers enemies regardless of how it will affect next year’s elections.

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